Collection is a multidisciplinary architecture studio based in the French Alps.

Founded in 2022 by five young architects who have developed cross-disciplinary skills and come together to serve the same objective: to create an alchemy between architecture and landscape.

After more than 10 years working on exceptional sites all over France and for some of the French famous companies, its founders wanted to explore new territories in search of their own vision, ever more assertive, ever more sensitive.

The ambition of Collection is for each project to be firmly rooted in its context, and to develop a creative practice at the crossroads of both architecture and landscape.

This approach, which has now become a methodology, enables the agency to give concrete expression to a desire for architectural innovation, and covers a very broad spectrum of scales and programmes.

Collection is the combination of “collective” and “creation”.


2, Rue Saint Laurent
38000 Grenoble


+33 (0)9 51 07 22 29